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PR Connection 10 April 27, 2010

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McDonalds has always been a popular fast food chain and has always had catchy slogans and ways to reel people into eating at their restraunts. The famous “I’m Lovin’ It” is known around the world. I assume since there has been a drop in our economy lately people are turning to cheaper outlets for their food. This then causes greater competition among chains like McDonalds and Burger King. Because of this competition these chains are trying to out do each other by upping their marketing strategies and trying to make their foods more attractive. Commercials like McDonald’s new “Proud Daddy Bear” is a prime example.

Burger King also tried a different strategy and even included McDonalds in its commercial.


PR Connection 9

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After reading a lot of my fellow classmates blogs and commenting on them, I learned about this new show that is apparently on Bravo call “Kell on Earth” that deals with a PR Fashion firm. I live in the oh so luxurious Copper Beech, therefore I am not as privillaged as most when it come to our cable provider, meaning… I don’t have the Bravo channel. With this being said, I decided to do some online research on this show that everyone has been talking about. I typed it into the search engine of YouTube, and Chelsey Lately’s take on the show was the first hit that I got. Since I love Chealsea Handler, I had to watch…

I found this to be a hilarious take on the show.. let me know your thought.


PR Connection 8 April 26, 2010

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Going into this major was a bit of a stretch for me. There are many things that I want to do in life, but I am just not sure how I am going to get there. For as long as I can remember, my dream job would be to go into event planning and possibly open up my own business when I am well established.

I am a girly girl. I love the idea of planning wedding and birthdays and making everything fun and pretty.

However, I was just going through some PR blogs online and that is when I stumbled upon a site that talked about PR Fashion. I had no idea that such a titled existed. Working in the fashion world, the way Moreland describes it sounds amazing.

” I spend my days focusing on gaining exposure for our line, whether is communicating with editors and seeing what styles they need for upcoming shoots, talking to celeb stylists and coordinating which looks would be great for their clients, setting up photo shoots and interviews and generally handling all business,” said Moreland.

Let’s just say, I maybe looking into other types of internships now to really decided what I want to do in life, because this seems awesome and right up my ally.


PR Connection 7 April 23, 2010

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Lady Gaga and a PR Agency? Huh?

That was my first thought when I found this article… Ronn Torossian is the owner of a PR agency and the author to this blog post about the well known Lady Gaga. When I first read the title of the artice, I was expecting some blog that was going to go on and on about how weird Lady Gaga is, and how she is changing the way the media see performers- just something along those lines.

But, boy was I wrong. Torossian actucally quoted Gaga because he thought what she had to say was that, well for lack of a better word, epic.

I’m just a kid from NYC who decided to do this after all. Rule the world! What’s life worth living if you don’t rule it.” Gaga said in the April edition of New York Magazine. Torossian loved this quote and talked about the different aspects of it in which he agreed with.

I see where he is coming from in agreeing with Lady Gaga, I just think that it is so weird that out of l the performers today in the world, he would choose her to be in such agreeance with. This may be due to the fact, she kinda weirds me out. Yeh, she is an awesome singer and performer.. but Gaga puzzles me. I am glad Torossian can relate her to his PR lifestyle.


PR Connections 6

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So, I am pretty sure that I am like any other college student out there- I live on Facebook. Sad as it is to say, I really do not know a life without it. I mean, how would I keep up with friends from home, or find out what time the next Zeta meeting is, or even keep up with what everyone is doing.

I was reading an article online about how Facebook is now making it easier to interact with brands. For all of those who use Facebook regurly, you know what it means to ‘like’ something or to ‘become a fan’ of a page or product. I found it interesting in the article that Facebook is trying to phase out the ‘Become a Fan’ option and just have people ‘Like” pages.

I think this is a great idea. The article also says that this will help people to link to each other more effectively. Now how that works, I am not 100% sure, but I know that I will see it happen, considering I am always on. I have already began to notice on my news feed home page that Facebook tells me when my friends find a page that they like. It’s so interesting to see what my friends are doing and what they like.

As I mentioned before.. what would I do without Facebook?


PR Connection 5 April 22, 2010

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I am 21 years old, in college, out of the house… but the truth is, even though my mother is 2oo miles away in Atlanta, I still hear her voice in my head when I am trying to make the simplest of decisons. “Don’t eat that.” “Clean up behind yourself.” Blah, blah, blah. And even though she isn’t here, I do it.

I know that I am not the only one who does this. That’s why when I found this blog: Micky D’s and Moms- The Three “R”s of blogger Relations, I was glad to hear that I was not alone.

This article talked about how ifluential are mom’s are in life, and how that influence is now moving to the web- blogs to be exact. With that being said, three main goals for McDonald’s is to use “social media to build the business, manage customer problems, and beef up outreach to target groups such as mommy bloggers.”

In order to reach this mommy blogger euphoria- they must meet the three “R”s of blogger relations:

Research: Any brand or PR firm that wants to get in-front of the momosphere needs to find the right moms first – picking at random won’t cut it with the mamas.

Respect: Well, who wouldn’t respect a mom to begin with? But as a rule, treat bloggers with as much respect as journalists.

Relationships: Possibly the biggest theme of the session – building relationships with bloggers is key. Without any sort of relationship, the blogger has no reason to listen to your pitch or even your brand.

These three R’s should be kept in mind whenever trying to build a relationship with mommy bloggers.


PR Connection 4

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We all love reality TV. Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a reality show out there that you either are obsessed with or you just secretly love.

I for one, love reality TV, and already have which shows I want to be on planned out. (Amazing Race being at the top of my list)

With reality TV being the hype now, it’s no surprise that PR practitioners have jumped on the van wagon.

In the article, PR and Reality TV: High Anxiety, Higher Brand recognition talked about how different firms react to this reality. The article talks primarily about how the CEO of 1-800-Flowers went on the new and popular show Undercover Boss. The idea of the show is to place high-profile members of firms at the lower level of their company for a few days, and see what happens. Yanique Woodall, VP of enterprise PR for the company was the one to take on the task.

Woodall had no idea what was going to happen but he took a chance. He weighed out the pros and cons and decided to take on the show. Luckily it went well and he believes his goal in performing the show: to gain customer service relations and trust, was achieved.

Click here to watch the 1-800-Flowers episode of Undercover Boss.