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PR Connection 10 April 27, 2010

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McDonalds has always been a popular fast food chain and has always had catchy slogans and ways to reel people into eating at their restraunts. The famous “I’m Lovin’ It” is known around the world. I assume since there has been a drop in our economy lately people are turning to cheaper outlets for their food. This then causes greater competition among chains like McDonalds and Burger King. Because of this competition these chains are trying to out do each other by upping their marketing strategies and trying to make their foods more attractive. Commercials like McDonald’s new “Proud Daddy Bear” is a prime example.

Burger King also tried a different strategy and even included McDonalds in its commercial.


5 Responses to “PR Connection 10”

  1. laureno26 Says:

    Lauren, these commercials crack me up!! I didn’t know what to expect at first with the bears and the report card but it all added up at the end. I completely agree with why they are choosing these approaches; our economy is in a recession and people want cheap fast food. I feel like quantity is being given more value that quality these days because people want their money to go further so they’re willing to give up the luxury of a Starbuck breakfast (for example) and go for something cheaper like BK or McDonald’s. I like Burger King’s interesting approach to the english muffin sandwich. They admit that its pretty much exactly like the McMuffin but that’s okay because “it’s only a buck!”

  2. annalg Says:

    I saw this Burger King commercial and it made no sense to me why they would have an ad that shows them stealing McDonald’s breakfast recipe?!? I understand that they are saying they now serve a breakfast that is compatible with McDonald but still? I wonder what consumers are thinking and how productive this ad will be.

    I hadn’t seen this McDonald’s commercial yet! It’s cute but definitely a new marketing side for their brand too. With so many great commercials that have played in the past I guess both fast food restaurants have to stretch their creative power in creating new ones.

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  4. jessicateal1 Says:

    I agree I’m not quite sure why Burger King put another barn in there commercial. Also, it seemed like Burger King was stealing their food ideas. I understand they are trying advertising they have a new amazing breakfast, but I don’t think it was a good idea to include their competitors in the commercial. I have not seen the McDonald ad yet but I’m sure it does not include Burger King, but if it does maybe I’m just missing the entire bases of the new commercials. I do see the hummer thought that Burger King is admitting the new breakfast sandwich is just like McDonald’s only cheaper.

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